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Catalink (CTL) Limited is a software development SME founded in Nicosia, Cyprus. The company has established a multi-disciplinary team, offering expertise in data science, machine learning, semantic technologies, multimedia analysis, decision making, as well as project management. Catalink engineers deliver cutting-edge solutions for learning and reasoning from incomplete, large and heterogeneous sets of data, delivering solutions for trends prediction, anomaly detection, and situation awareness. Under this umbrella CTL has designed CASPAR, a domain agnostic framework for the automated retrieval and fusion of heterogeneous enterprise data into domain-specific semantic models, to enable the discovery of new knowledge and facilitate the extraction of actionable insights. The company has also cultivated broad expertise in computer vision, image processing and multimedia applications, such as human activity recognition, driver monitoring, fleet management and traffic management from wearable and surveillance cameras (CCTV), as well as semantic segmentation for crisis event detection in visual content based on content-based image retrieval and dynamic texture recognition. Under this concept, CTL has developed a smartphone application, named IRIS for the continuous monitoring of the state of a driver during the whole duration of a driving session. The application detects the face of the driver, extracts the facial landmarks and estimates the drowsiness of the driver based on how long the eyes are kept closed and the frequency of yawning, raising an alarm when necessary. Catalink places emphasis on its R&D activities, rendering them the foundation of its service and product portfolio. Its members have strong experience in successfully carrying out research in ICT at both national and international levels.