Accepted Papers

String Matching based Framework for Online Hindi Question Answering System.
Shikha Mehta, Sakshi Gupta, Raashi Agarwal, Shrashti Trivedi and Prajjwal Dubey

Edge-labelled graphs and property graphs - to the user, more similar than different

Paul Warren and Paul Mulholland.


Popularity Driven Data Integration

Fausto Giunchiglia, Simone Bocca, Mattia Fumagalli, Mayukh Bagchi and Alessio Zamboni.

A Survey on Knowledge Graph-based Methods for Automated Driving

Juergen Luettin, Sebastian Monka, Cory Henson and Lavdim Halilaj.

Physicians’ Brain Digital Twin: Holistic Clinical & Biomedical Knowledge Graphs for Patient Safety and Value-Based Care to Prevent The Post-pandemic Healthcare Ecosystem Crisis

Asoke Talukder, Erwin Selg and Roland Haas

Knowledge Graph supported machine parameterization for the injection moulding industry

Stefan Bachhofner, Kabul Kurniawan, Elmar Kiesling, Kate Revoredo and Dina Bayomie.

Easy and complex: new perspectives for metadata modeling using RDF-star and Named Graphs

Florian Rupp, Benjamin Schnabel and Kai Eckert.

Methodology for Creating a Community Corpus using a Wikibase Knowledge Graph

Sara Assefa Alemayehu, Kushagra Singh Bisen, Pierre Maret, Alexandra Creighton, Rachel Gorman, Bushra Kundi, Thumeka Mgwgwi, Fabrice Muhlenbach, Serban Dinca-Panaitescu and Christo El Morr.

Flexible Queries over Knowledge Graphs

José Félix Yagüe, Ignacio Huitzil, Carlos Bobed and Fernando Bobillo

Towards an ontological approach to business continuity assessment

Oussema Ben Amara, Antonio de Nicola, Daouda Kamissoko and Frederick Benaben

Combining Ontology and Natural Language Processing methods for Prevention of Falls from Height

Sarra Ben Abbes, Lynda Temal, Guillaume Arbod, Pierre-Luc Lanteri-Minet and Philippe Calvez

Convolutional Neural Networks applied to emotion analysis in texts: Experimentation from the Mexican context

Juan Carlos Garduño-Miralrio, David Valle-Cruz, Asdrúbal López-Chau and Rafael Rojas-Hernández.

IPR: Integrative Policy Recommendation Framework based on Hybrid Semantics

Divyanshu Singh, Gerard Deepak and Sheeba Priyadarshini J

DKMI: Diversification of Web Image Search using Knowledge Centric Machine Intelligence

Mohnish S, Gerard Deepak, Praveen Sv and Sheeba Priyadarshini J

DLIME-Graphs: A DLIME Extension based on Triple Embedding for Graphs

Yoan A. López, Hector González-Diez, Orlando Grabiel Toledano-López, Yusniel Hidalgo-Delgado, Erik Mannens and Thomas Demeester. 

DBkWik++ - Multi Source Matching of Knowledge Graphs

Sven Hertling and Heiko Paulheim

Knowledge Graphs for Community Detection in Textual Data

Federica Rollo and Laura Po

Proficient Annotation Recommendation in a Biomedical Content Authoring Environment

Asim Abbas, Nadeem Iqbal, Steve Mbouadeu, Avinash Bisram, Fazel Keshtkar and Syed Ahmad Chan Bukhari

Multi-Aspect Sentiment Analysis using Domain Ontologies

Srishti Sharma, Mala Saraswat and Anil Kumar Dubey

From Ontology to Knowledge Graph Trend: Ontology As Foundation Layer For Knowledge Graph

Fatima N. Al-Aswadi, Huah Yong Chan and Keng Hoon Gan.

Learning to Automatically Generating Genre-Specific Song Lyrics: A Comparative Study

Tze Huat Tee, Belicia Qiao Bei Yeap, Keng Hoon Gan and Tien Ping Tan

Understanding Human Activity Patterns in Smart Homes with Process Mining

Onur Dogan, Ekin Akkol and Muge Olucoglu.

Does Wikidata Support Analogical Reasoning?

Filip Ilievski, Jay Pujara and Kartik Shenoy.

Framework for Author Name Disambiguation in Scientific Papers Using an Ontological Approach and Deep Learning

Lisandra Díaz-de-la-Paz, Leonardo Concepción-Pérez, Jorge Armando Portal-Díaz, Alberto Taboada-Crispi and Amed Abel Leiva-Mederos.

On contrasting and completing YAGO with GPT language models: an experiment for person-related attributes

David Martín Moncunill, Miguel-Angel Sicilia and Lino González.