Industry Talk 1

Title: Semantic data models construction in the H2020 PLATOON project 

Speakers: Dr. Sarra BEN ABBES and Dr. Lynda TEMAL, CSAI Lab ENGIE, France 

Abstract: During the last few years, the electricity sector is experiencing its most dramatic transformation since its creation. Nowadays, electricity covers almost 20% of global energy consumption and it is expected to rise exponentially during the following decades both in absolute and relative terms. In fact, according to the World Energy Outlook for 2018 published by the International Energy Agency (IEA), electric power demand could rise 90% from today to 2040. At the same time, the digitization of the energy sector is rapidly increasing through the roll-out of sensors and IoT platforms in all the components of the energy network that capture vast amounts of data. Likewise, there are also new computing capabilities available that allow exploiting the value of data, and converting information into knowledge. In this sector, data exchange and data integration between stakeholders become mandatory to develop innovative smart services and use cases. Therefore, semantic interoperability represents a key challenge, in dealing with very heterogenous Energy platforms that differ in terms of technologies, communications protocols, and data models. In this talk, Sarra BEN ABBES and Lynda TEMAL from CSAI Lab ENGIE (France) will present a specific methodology to create harmonized semantic data models that include all the needs of use cases, done in the context of the H2020 PLATOON project (https://platoon-project.eu/).