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Ultipa is a Graph XAI company which is leading the graph revolution with its Real-time Graph database & XAI platform with an ultra-high performance in terms of speed, scalability & intuitiveness. Ultipa is the only 4th generation graph database in the world.

The Company is helping some of the largest and most demanding banks, stock exchanges and other enterprises worldwide to do deep link analysis and solve some critical use cases like Fraud detection, AML, Supply chain management, Customer 360 and others.

Website: https://www.ultipa.com/

For more information: support@ultipa.com

The institution of Engineering and Technology

Silver Sponsors

Catalink (CTL) Limited is a software development SME founded in Nicosia, Cyprus. The company has established a multi-disciplinary team, offering expertise in data science, machine learning, semantic technologies, multimedia analysis, decision making, as well as project management. 

The BDTA is a non-profit association based in EU, composed of entities and individuals that work together to shape the future of the Building Digital Twin industry. The vision of BDTA to allow the coordination of a multi criteria efficient decision-taking across all AECOO stakeholders by digitally duplicating EU building stock. Its mission to develop an Open & Trustworthy Techno economic Ecosystem to advance towards full implementation of Building Digital Twin Environments across all the stakeholders and lifecycles of AECOO* Smart and Connected Real State and Infrastructure Assets, including occupants, through professional development and community.

NTT DATA, a part of the NTT Group, is an innovative global company in the field of business and IT services with its headquarters in Tokyo. The company assists clients in their transformation process through consulting, industry solutions, business process services, digital and IT modernization, and managed services. NTT DATA enables both its clients and society to move confidently towards the digital future. The company demonstrates its commitment to the long-term success of its clients by combining global reach with local attention, working with them in more than 50 countries worldwide.

For more information: https://es.nttdata.com/

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SWARM is an acronym that stands for Sentient Wisdom and Artificial Reasoning Machines. Our work is focused on developing the discipline of knowledge engineering for artificial intelligence using semantic technology.

We develop informative and educational content, create virtual and physical events for networking and promoting industry applications, deliver transformative training programs, and organize international co-working trips. Our founder and board of advisors have deep experience in developing impactful events, conducting academic and industry research, and commercializing research assets into sustainable startups.


Academic Sponsors

The University of Zaragoza is a public research and higher education institution at the service of society, which combines a tradition of almost five centuries of history (it was founded in 1542), with advanced research and the permanent updating of its teachings. It is the only public university in Aragon, which contributes to the articulation of its territory, and the main research center of the Ebro Valley. It is a generalist university, with a wide offering in all fields of knowledge, both in degree, master's and doctorate, as well as in the offer of own degrees.